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  • Mrs. Richmond

    Thanks to Mrs. Richmond for always being visible in the hallways! She stepped in to help in my classroom when I had an emotional student and allowed us to meet in her office while she covered my class! I know she has a ton of work on her own plate, but she is always willing to stop and give advice. Thank you so much for always going above and beyond to help others!

  • Thank you everyone!

    I want to thank everyone for all their support, for making me part of the Garner Magnet family. This mean so much to me.

  • SAP Counselor

    Huge shout out to Ms. Collier and her 3rd block class for coming through to help preserve food for our food pantry to assist families who are in need! It was greatly appreciated by many.

  • Thank you very much!

    Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. Thank you to each of you for covering for me on Thursday, when I wasn’t feeling 100%. I truly appreciate each and one of you.

  • Assistant Principal

    I want to thank Mr. St. Clair for his time and effort securing the shades for the classrooms. This is a time consuming process and he does it on his time. Thanks for your effort Mr. St. Clair it is much appreciated by the staff and admin team.

  • Kudo’s to Tivona Horne

    I believe a Kudo is when you go above and beyond and want to thank Mrs. Horne for helping me several days to do my annual audit on all the files to be sure they are all here and in order. This not only requires checking 2600 files we also have to move and shift as we are pulling. Mrs. Horne helped with this last year when she was Guidance Tech and it was part of her job and this year it was not her job and she volunteered anyway. Thanks and it helped and meant alot.

  • Mr. Hickman

    I’d like to send kudos to Mr. Hickman. He is an excellent college adviser–he is encouraging to the students, and he is constantly checking to see if they need help; he follows up to see if they have had any trouble with the college application process, even helping with their technical questions regarding the websites they are using. I think GMHS will really benefit from his addition to our faculty. I have had many of my students ask him questions and make appointments to see him. He even has a college- entrance test prep class he offers for free after school! He is knowledgeable and even came to the senior English classes to directly help the students do their FAFSA and their RDS online. This type of support is invaluable, and he deserves some kudos.

  • Our Dean Rocks

    It takes a special person to listen and encourage so many different individuals. Whenever something comes her way, she handles it gracefully and with ease. “Mrs. Ciaccio, a parent just walked in and needs to see you”/ “Mrs. Ciaccio, can you help this student out”/ “Mrs. Ciaccio do you know how…..”, her answer is simply “sure, no problem.” I have never seen her get flustered. Her kindness and patience are an inspiration to everyone she encounters.
    THANK YOU Mrs. Ciaccio for being that ray of sunshine that brightens our day!!
    We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

  • Student Services Superhero!

    Shout out to Mrs. Leroux for holding it down in Student Services! I was there for about five minutes today tearing up hearing what some of these students are going through. You are amazing and your smile is contagious!

  • Special Programs

    I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to Mr. Lennon of class 1106 for making my transition to Garner Magnet High School an extremely smooth one.
    This school year started with an increase to his classroom population by an astounding 250%, which resulted in multiple new hires. Despite the significant changes, Mr. Lennon has created and maintained both a collaborative and professional environment that promotes a model of instructional excellence that certainly meets the individual needs of each of his students.
    Therefore, I respectfully request that Mr. Lennon receive all due praise and honor associated with a kudo for he is definitely worthy.