Submitted by: Perkinson
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Article: Basic Questions

Article: Complex Questions

Introdution Video

This tool is the best I have ever seen. The tutorials on YouTube don't do it justice. You can automatically differentiate for students based on preset thresholds. There are TONS of question styles including video and audio, interactives such as category matching, ordering, unscrambling and a comprehensive Math Mode. Align your questions to NC Essential Standards for easy data analysis. There is also a feature to list a subtopic for each question--to better identify the areas where students are struggling. Check out the two articles that talk about the types of questions possible!


Submitted by: Perkinson
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Mentimeter keeps students engaged with fun and interactive presentations. Guided notes aren't the only way! It works quickly and doesn't require student accounts! The paid version is definitely worth it, but you can get away with the free version. The real-time polling features help students share their voice and drive discussion. You can use this to teach student how to "analyze" data... An IB ATL Skill!


Submitted by: Perkinson
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Nearpod is an interactive lecture platform that allows you to upload your existing Google Slide or Powerpoints and overlap engaging activities including quizzes, polls, draw its, open-ended questions, fill-in-the-blanks and 3D images! Also, you can embark on virtual field trips with the VR features! It works with any device and you have to have a headset! Your presentations are synced to student devices or you can let them complete it at their own pace. Really awesome!


Submitted by: Perkinson
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My students are ADDICTED to Gimkit! They earn money for each question they answer correctly, then they can buy power ups to earn more money quickly or they can attack their friends in a MULTITUDE of ways. The coolest part... this site is run by a high school student in Seattle... He graduates this year! He recently announced he will be working full-time on Gimkit after graduation... If he can pull this off with a full load of classes, I can't wait to see what features will be announced next year!

Google Teacher Tribe Podcast!

Submitted by: Perkinson
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Awesome weekly podcast with tons of great ideas using G Suite and other Google tools! Hosted by Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook and Kasey Bell of Shakeup Learning! Awesome ideas!!!

Google Drawings!

Submitted by: Perkinson
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There are tons of resources out there for Google Drawings on YouTube, but I thought I'd show you some examples of how it can be use... Example 1: Idea Maps. Example 2: Creative Student Products. Example 3: Whole-class Interactives. Example 4: Interactive Independent work. Example 5: Situational Cards (love these!). Example 6: Fun Graphics! Example 7: Real-world Artifacts and Infographics! Example 8: Notes with tricky formatting! and so much more! and so much more!


Submitted by: Perkinson
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A simple endless corkboard for students to plan and collaborate. Include videos, text, images, gifs... anything! Here is one I made when working on some fan theories last year... It's not incredibly organized. You can share the final padlets directly to Google Classroom

My Maps!

Submitted by: Perkinson
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This resource has so much potential, but requires a lot of front-end work. Imagine a map in your classroom that you mark with pins, but now you can add descriptions, images, external links and more. Then customize the content with different icons and colors! Encase areas to automatically measure area (I can image an amazing math PBL!). Most powerful, you can share with your students editing access for an interactive class activity. Play survivor! Drop 5 students on an island and have them negotiate resources! Or have your students compete by linking various Google forms with tasks. They must complete the task for the destination of the next clue. First group to the final destination wins! Here is a video that shows a bit of the settings...


Submitted by: Perkinson
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Readlang How To Video (16 min... ahh)

This is for language classes mostly. You can paste any text in for your students, they simply click on the words they don't know as they read and it tells them the meaning. Then, those words are automatically turned into notecards to study with! Super simple, extremely helpful. If students make an account they can use it free of charge most of the time. It limits you to 6 words in a row for expressions, but you get unlimited individual clicks. The definitions are sources from WordReference.com... PERFECT!

Quizlet Live!

Submitted by: Perkinson
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Introdution Video

Hold students accountable in group collaboration! Quizlet Live is a game-based review and studying activity that allows for great group collaboration. Students love it--even the lazy ones.


Submitted by: Todd
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Kahoot's YouTube Channel

Create multiple choice questions for test reviews! Engage the entire class and download the results to see where the class needs to improve.

Discovery Ed!

Submitted by: Peters
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Discovery Education is filled with AMAZING videos to view the world through unique (and high quality) lenses. It also offers readings for your Literature Wednesdays! #litwednesday

How do I log in to Discovery Education? (Compliments of WCPSS)

Student Login
Username - WCP+student id (WCP123456)
Password - student id (123456)

Teacher Login
Username - WCPSS+staff id (WCPSS123456)
Password - staff id (123456)

Goose Chase!

Submitted by: Peters
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GooseChase: cell phone scavenger hunts for teams—with leaderboards!

Teacher Accounts: Teachers can create their own accounts on any device.

Students Accounts: At least one student in each group should download the Goosechase app on their phone and create an account.

User Guide Video: bit.ly/2BKRH6J

Things to Try:
1. Check out the game library for existing games in your content area.
2. Create your own game for students to play in class.